The brand new Eclipse is more eye-catching than the old model, but it’s the increased width that is most noticeable. This front-wheel-drive sports car is available in a 2.4-litre four-cylinder GS and 3.8-litre V6 GT.

Interior and trunk
Although the car is low to the ground, it’s relatively easy to access the snug front seats. Depending on the occupant’s size, seat comfort ranges from very good to average. Taller and larger people will find the upper seatback narrow. The driving position is very good, but would be even better if the steering column telescoped in addition to tilting. With the sunroof, headroom can be a bit tight for taller occupants. And there isn’t a lot of footroom on the passenger side. The passenger-side seatback does not automatically return to its initial position after folding it to access the back seat. You need to be very flexible to get into the back seats. The bench is only big enough to accommodate children or very small adults, and only when absolutely necessary. The rear seatback splits 50/50.

The hatch opens wide but the trunk is very small, especially if you’ve got the subwoofer installed. Trunk liftover is high.