Your engine axle or other parts could be damaged For the first 500 miles 800 km that you tow a trailer do not drive over 50 mph 80 km h and do not make starts at full throttle This helps the engine and other parts of your vehicle wear in at the heavier loads.

Your new vehicle was designed to be used primarily to carry passengers and cargo Remember that towing a trailer places additional loads on your vehicle s engine drive train steering braking and other systems A NISSAN Towing Guide U S only is available on the website at www nissanusa com This guide includes information on trailer towing capability and the special equipment required for proper towing LTI0164 The Gross Combined Weight Rating GCWR equals the combined weight of the towing vehicle including passengers and cargo plus the total trailer load Towing loads greater than these or using improper towing equipment could adversely affect vehicle handling braking and performance The ability of your vehicle to tow a trailer is not only related to the maximum trailer loads but also the places you plan to tow Tow weights appropriate for level highway driving may have to be reduced for low traction situations for example on slippery boat ramps Technical and consumer information 9 17 REVIEW COPY 2008 Sentra sen Owners Manual USA English nna 09 14 07 debbie Temperature conditions can also affect towing For example towing a heavy trailer in high outside temperatures on graded roads can affect engine performance and cause overheating The engine protection mode which helps reduce the chance of engine damage could activate and automatically decrease engine power Vehicle speed may decrease under high load Plan your trip carefully to account for trailer and vehicle load weather and road conditions.