1. Claims will be from within the same division of class only (Junior, Senior, Light GX160, Heavy GX160).
2. Engine may be claimed for $450.00 cash or certified funds or a complete new (still in box) same type Honda engine. This is the option of the person being claimed.
3. Only competitors participating in the same division may make a claim on an engine.
4. This claim must be submitted to the Race Director before the end of the race the claimed engine is in.
5. The Race Director will hold the claim (money or engine) until the claimed engine has been inspected for legality.
6. The claimed engine will be immediately taken to the Tech Director for inspection or sealing. Inspection of claimed motor may be waived.
7. Both claimor and claimee have the option to be present at the time of inspection.
8. Multiple claims on one engine will be decided in a lottery system. Owner, handler, or family member cannot claim their own engine.
9. Claimed party will retain exhaust system and throttle linkage.
10. If the claimed engine is found to be legal the Race Director will deliver said engine to the person making the claim and shall deliver the claim (money or engine) to the person who’s engine was claimed.
11. If the claimed engine is found to be illegal, the motor must be completely torn down to check for the illegalities. The Tech Director and or Race Director shall confiscate the parts and related parts from the claimed engine and shall forward them to the National Tech Director. The claim, (money or engine) will be returned to the person filing the claim.
12. Refusal of claim shall be interpreted as an admission that the engine is illegal and will subject the driver/handler to the conditions set forth under Sec. 2 of this article (Honda Suspensions).

1. Handlers and drivers guilty of having a Honda engine declared illegal at technical inspection shall be disciplined as follows:
1.A First offense – 30 day suspension for handler and driver from participating in the respective Honda class.
1.B Second offense within one year of first infraction – one-year suspension for handler and driver from participating in the respective Honda class.
1. Third Offense within two years of last infraction – suspended for life from QMA.
2. Suspension will begin immediately, (unless there is an appeal) at which point the illegal part/s will be sent within five days to the Region Tech Director or designee for review. If the part/s are found illegal at this point the suspension will start at that time by the Region Tech notifying the person. Verified illegal parts will be sent to the National Tech Director, legal parts will be returned to person.
3. Suspension for life is open to review by the QMA National Board.
4. For the purposes of this rule only, if a handler has multiple cars competing in the Honda class (GX120 or GX160) at one race event and more than one engine is found to be illegal at that event, it will be considered to be one offense.
5. Refusal of tech shall be interpreted as an admission that the engine is illegal and a suspension from the Honda class will be immediate with all awards, qualifications being revoked.
6. Confiscation of part or parts – only the illegal part and all related parts and not the whole motor will be confiscated. A full motor tear down is required if an illegal part is found.
7. Novice Honda: The novice program and its implementation fall under the Regional Directors. Therefore illegal Honda engine parts will be confiscated but the suspension will not be levied against handlers or drivers for the first offense only.