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Computer Maintenance Tips

To prolong equipment life and avoid some typical hardware and software problems, please utilize the following suggestions:
Hardware Maintenance
• Keep your computer and diskettes away from any magnetized objects. Phones, copiers, stereo equipment or devices with motors generate a magnetic field that may damage your data.
• Keep your system away from heating and air conditioning vents, radiators, and open windows. This will prevent temperature fluctuations in your system hardware and reduce airborne particles like dust and smoke from entering your system.
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Computer Maintenance, Safety and User Tips

This document is designed to help you be more efficient and provide greater security to the computer, and your account (netID). Following these suggestions should help minimize the number of viruses and defects that infect your machine.
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SQL Database Maintenance Plan and Recommended Backup Procedures for Board Child Care Servers

This document provides detailed information on:
how to set up a SQL maintenance plan on your child care server how to ensure the child care databases are being backed up onto the server daily.

You must set up a SQL database maintenance plan on your server. This plan does the following:
• reorganizes data and indexes
• checks database integrity
• creates backups of databases.
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BMW Oilhead Maintenance Manual R850, R1100, R1150, R1200

There are three main sections to this manual as follows:
Section I – by Carl Kulow This section consists of basic maintenance procedures that were done on an
R1150GS, 2001. Once you remove the various plastic covers from an R, RT or
RS, the procedures should essentially be identical to those given here.
Section II – by Various Authors Generally, this section contains more detailed instructions than those found in Section I, especially Stephen Karlan’s very detailed write-ups. This section also contains procedures that are not part of the normal maintenance schedule.
Section III – by Rob Lentini This section is the real masterpiece of this manual, containing Rob Lentini’s “Zero = Zero” surging fix and other gems
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Computer Tune Up Tips

To get the most out of your training and to be ready for real time trading you will need to get your computer in tip-top shape. One thing you don’t want is a slow computer, or one that crashes all the time. So here are some helpful tips to getting you on the right track.
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Basic Computer Hardware Tutorial

The term computer hardware refers to the physical components of a computer – basically, the parts and pieces that can be touched or moved, whether inside or outside of the computer. This tutorial will focus on the components that will be used on a day-to-day basis – the parts on the outside. Below is an example of a computer with several common components:
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Computer Science AA Degree Certificate

computer_science_aa - Computer Science AA Degree, Certificate of ...Revised 7.21.09 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON REVERSE. SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. A Course of Study for a Major in Computer Science A.A. Degree, Certificate of Achievement Programs & Department Certificate Programs The field of computer science leads to a variety of careers that all require core computer science skills. These skills include theory classes such as Computer Hardware, Data Structures, Databases, and Networks, as well as programming in different computer languages. Thereafter, within the field, areas of specialty lead into
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Learn how to become more proficient in using a personal computer.
Components of a personal computer
Hardware and software
Drag and Drop
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Storage media
Creating and organizing folders
Keyboard shortcuts
Searching for files and folders
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1971-1977 Mazda RX-2 & RX-3 Clymer Manual Lubrication, Maintenance

This chapter deals with the normal maintenance necessary to keep the Mazda running properly. It includes summaries of service intervals and procedures in table form. Table 1 covers 1971-73 cars; Table 2 covers 1974′s. The recommended service schedules list checks which are easily performed at each stop for gas, and those which are done at specified intervals of miles or time. The last part of the chapter contains a tune-up procedure which simplifies and organizes the process.

The following should he done at each stop for gas.
1. Check engine oil level on the dipstick (Figure 1). Top up to the F mark if necessary, using a grade recommended in Table 3.
2. Check coolant level. The radiator should be full and the expansion tank half full.
NOTE: The coolant level should be checked when the engine is cold. If this isn’t possible, put a rag over the radiator or expansion tank cap when removing to prevent burns.
3. Check the level of the windshield washer tank. It should be kept full.
4. Check sub-zero starting assist fluid (if so equipped). The tank is located above the steering gear box (Figure 2). If necessary, top up with a mixture of 90 per cent ethylene glycol-based anti-freeze and 10 per cent water. Make sure the hose inside the tank is submerged in the fluid. NOTE: // the tank is allowed to become empty, take the car to a dealer for refilling and pump priming.

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Computer Cooling Tips, Part I

Heat. We all love the heat during the summer, lounging out by the pool or basking in the sunlight on the beach. But heat can be deadly, especially to your costly computer components. This week we are going to talk about the basics of cooling your computer system and its components.
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