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2010 Insight Body Side Molding Installation Instructions

The information in this installation instruction is intended for use only by skilled technicians who have the proper tools, equipment, and training to correctly and safely add equipment to your vehicle. These procedures should not be attempted by “do-it-yourselfers.

• Be careful not to damage the body paint finish.
• Body side moldings should only be installed if the ambient air temperature is 15°C (60°F) or above.
• To allow the adhesive to cure, do not wash the vehicle for 24 hours. Please advise the customer.
• These installation instructions show the left body side moldings being installed. The same procedure applies to installing the right body side moldings.

1. Using one alcohol swab, clean the area where the left body side molding will attach.
2. Align the front template to the left front door and attach the template to the door using strips of masking tape.
3. Place the left front body side molding against the template to verify the installation position on the left front door. Remove the body side molding.
4. Peel back approximately 1½ to 2 inches of adhesive backing from each adhesive tape, and tape the ends to the front surface of the body side molding. Remove the small end pieces of the adhesive backing.
5. Align the left front body side molding with the front template, and attach it to the left front door. If the vehicle has door edge film installed, align the end with the door edge film.


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Honda Civic Hybrid Road Test Report

Honda’s seventh generation Civic range has been expanded to include the new Civic Hybrid. The Civic range was last updated in October 2000, and the model line-up was streamlined to include two body styles, sedan and hatch, with two specification levels, GLi and Vi. The Civic Hybrid is available in sedan only, and is similar in specification to the GLi sedan. The recommended retail price is $29,990. The conventionally powered 1.7 litre Honda Civic GLi Automatic retails for $26,950.
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Honda Insight Mk1 Grid/Mains IMA Battery Charger

Installation of the charging socket.
Ensure ignition is off and IMA battery switch under the rear cover is in the off position for at least 10 minutes prior to installation. Note the RED switch lock tab has to be removed to allow the IMA battery switch to be moved.
Remove all the IPU compartment cover star drive and 10mm bolts.
Remove the small 8mm black bolt from IMA Main Battery switch area. This is located to the right of the switch when looking in from rear of the vehicle.
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1. All machine work may be accomplished on a CNC vertical mill capable of 3-4 axis interpolation with sufficient height to accommodate block height. The bore center distances must be maintained within ±.0005 for sleeve installation to seal properly. (see block specification sheets for dimensions)(See #12 for bore center specs.)
2. All machining must produce a good surface finish and the tolerances must be maintained to assure a quality fit and sleeve seal.
3. Block must be square and perpendicular to machine head. Fixturing should be on main journals provided they are not cracked or [Read the rest of this entry...]

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2008 Honda Accord coupe

Whether you buy or lease a Honda vehicle, Honda Financial Services can assist you with the process. Please ask your dealer which lease or purchase plan best suits your needs. Want your own look? Ask your dealer about Honda Genuine Accessories.They’re designed, engineered and tested to meet the same exacting standards as your new vehicle – and a high-quality way to make your new Honda a reflection of your one-of-a-kind personality.
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Installation Supplement for Honda/Acura

i-Honda-R DICE iPod Integration Kit for Honda/Acura, Radio Interface Kit
Installation Instructions:
1. Pull vehicle into service bay and access center console.
2. Disconnect both battery terminals. These cables must be disconnected during installation to insure proper initialization of the DICE module when it is connected.
Make sure you have the vehicle’s radio security code before disconnecting the battery cables! Detailed steps for removing the Honda/Acura radio can be found in your factory manual this supplement will ONLY show an outline for radio removal.
3. Remove any trim that may need to be removed to gain access to the screws/bolts holding the radio in place. On some vehicles, this may require removing the trim around the shifter and removing the coin and cup holders, finally getting to the trim surrounding the radio.
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Recently I purchased a new Honda CIVIC Hybrid. My other vehicle is a 1994 S10 Electricar pick-up truck that hadn’t been on the road for over 2 years when I got it and now I drive it every week. Why would an EAA EV driver purchase this kind of car? How is it compatible with electric vehicles?
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Motivation for Change and Alcoholism Treatment

Motivation for Change and Alcoholism TreatmentMotivation for Change and Alcoholism Treatment Carlo C. DiClemente, Ph.D., Lori E. Bellino, M.Ed., and Tara M. Neavins, M.S. Motivation plays an important role in alcoholism treatment by influencing patients to seek, complete, and comply with treatment as well as make successful long-term changes in their drinking. Both alcohol-abusing and alcohol-dependent people can be classified into different “stages of change” in terms of their readiness to alter their drinking behavior. Consequently, researchers have had to consider more seriously the role
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Honda Civic Genuine Accessories

In the New Generation Honda Civic, you are driving one of the most innovative cars on the road. Offering high levels of luxury, coupled with the meticulous engineering that goes into every Honda, the Civic is a personalised driving experience packed with emotion and energy. Whether touring across country or on a city commute, there is a range of Honda Genuine Accessories to enrich your experience. From sports inspired exterior options to interior accessories that change your look and help you travel with ease, there’s a Honda accessory for everyone. Create a dynamic image for your Civic with a range of sports-inspired accessories. From a bold boot spoiler to slick side skirts, your Civic can draw inspiration from Honda’s sporty heritage. Couple all this with sleek alloy wheels and the Civic cuts a lithe shape across cities and highways alike. It’s time to personalise.
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Foreign Exchange Comptroller’s Handbook Narrative and Procedures

Foreign Exchange - OCCOther Income Producing Activities Foreign Exchange Comptroller’s Handbook Narrative and Procedures – March 1990 Comptroller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks I (Section 813) Comptroller’s Handbook Foreign Exchange (Section 813) i Foreign Exchange (Section 813) Table of Contents Introduction 1 Risks 1 Policy 6 The Market 12 Examination Procedures 17 Internal Control Questionnaire 25 Verification Procedures 32 Comptroller’s Handbook Foreign Exchange (Section 813)1 Foreign Exchange (Section 813) Introduction This section is intended to provide minimum background and procedural guidelines to examiners responsible for evaluating a bank’s foreign currency activities. Within individual banks, foreign currency money market and exchange trading operations may be combined or completely separate with regard to policies, procedures, reporting, and even dealing. However, they ultimately must
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