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Guide to R134a Compressor Compatibility

The survivability of a given compressor when retrofitted to R134a has been heatedly discussed for several years. First we need to clarify whether we are discussing a CARQUEST remanufactured compressor or an Original Equipment (OEM) compressor that came with the vehicle. When considering retrofitting to R134a all CARQUEST compressors are up to the task, with the only recommendation being that the GM DA6 be replaced with an HR6 compressor. When it comes to OEM compressors the only guide that should be accepted as true would be the OEM guidelines themselves. GM:
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VW Jetta, Golf, New Beetle 1.9L TDi Unichip PnP Installation Instructions

Although the PnP kits and ECU’s are identical, the New Beetle’s EC’s location is different than the Jetta/Golf; therefore these instructions are split – the first section describes Golf/Jetta installation and the second section describes Beetle installation.
(2) The ECU connectors lock and unlock by pulling the “T-handle” located at the connector’s edge. Look at the locking handles on the PnP harness and familiarize yourself with the mechanism before trying to remove the OEM plugs.
(3) When trying to remove the OEM Plugs from the ECU, getting your fingers into the T-handles can be difficult. You can gently pry the T-handles back using a screw driver.
(4) The Golf/Jetta OEM ECU bracket will not reinstall with the Unichip PnP harness in place without modification. You can easily modify your bracket as outlined below or can by a modified bracket from UNA (UNA Part # 9950001).
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99-03 Jetta & 99-03 GTI; 98-05 Beetle Front Kit Installation

I. Preparing the Vehicle
1. Elevate the vehicle (Figure 1) and secure the body with jack stands.
2. Remove the front wheels (Figure 2).
II. Strut Removal
1. Remove left and right sway bar retaining bolts and save for reinstallation (Figure 3).
2. Remove the ABS line retaining clamps from the strut and discard
3. Remove the lower strut mounting bolt and save for later use (Figure 6).
4. Remove the upper strut mounting nut and discard, but retain the upper mounting bracket (Figure 7).
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The City Jetta has undergone a revamping for 2008. The exterior look has been modified, and inside, the radio and upholstery have been changed. The steering wheel is now the same as the Jetta’s. The engine remains the same, but the automatic transmission, an option, now has six speeds rather than four. The City Jetta is offered as a four-door sedan.
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2000-05 Volkswagen Jetta/Golf 1.8 K&N Drycharger Installation

The K&Nо Drycharger included with this kit must be installed on the K&Nо air filter when used with this K&Nо cold air intake system. The K&N cold air intake system a performance product that can be used safely during mild weather conditions. During harsh and inclement weather conditions, you must convert your cold air intake system to a short ram configuration, or return your vehicle to the stock OEM air box and intake tract configuration. Failure to follow these instructions can void your warranty.
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Audi TT / VW GTI/Jetta/Golf Performance Chip Upgrade Installation Instructions

This handout is provided to guide you through the steps necessary to upgrade your vehicle with one of our performance chips. Also be aware that APR is only a phone call away should you every have any questions or concerns pertaining to any APR products.

Step 1: Park Car.
Insure car is off and key is out of ignition. Engage the parking brake. (Optional): Remove Battery Cable. Caution! Before disconnecting the battery, determine the correct coding for the anti-theft radio.
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VW Golf IV/Jetta Diesel-Motor Supplemental Installation Information

Overview of process
1. Mount Heating Unit
2. Run wiring harness into vehicle
3. Connect coolant hoses
4. Mount fuel pump and run fuel lines
5. Route wires inside vehicle and make final connections
6. Tap fuel via sending unit.
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1996 Volkswagen Golf A/C-Heater System Manual

Evaporator Temperature Switch
Although compressor clutch does not normally cycle on and off, an evaporator temperature switch turns off the compressor clutch if evaporator temperature decreases to 32øF (0øC). This prevents evaporator icing.

A/C Pressure Switch
A/C pressure switch is a triple-pressure switch, which monitors high side pressure. See Fig. 1. If pressure decreases to less than 17.4 psi (1.2 kg/cmý), A/C pressure switch interrupts power to compressor clutch (low-pressure cutout). Switch closes when pressure increases to more than 34.8 psi (2.4 kg/cmý).
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Thank you for purchasing the PES G2 supercharger system. We have gone to great length to engineer this system to be a true bolt-on affair. Please read the entire instruction manual thoroughly before proceeding. If there is any part of the installation procedure that you are not comfortable with, please have a professional mechanic install the system.

• The photos used in this manual were taken during the installation on a 2000 A4. There will be a special “NOTE” listed when there is a variation in the installation procedure.
• New PES supplied parts will be underlined in this manual.
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DO NOT insert the Bluetooth PC adapter in an USB port until prompted by the software during application
1. Stop all running programs and insert the installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. The installation starts automatically and guides you through the installation. If the installation does not start automatically, find the SETUP.exe file on the CD and double click it to start the installation.
2. Welcome to Bluetooth® software windows, click NEXT and accept license agreement.
3. Confirm or change software destination location.
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